• Capitation Fees

  • Golf Central Highlands collects Capitation Fees from all District Clubs on behalf:

    • Golf Australia
    • Golf Queensland
    • Golf Central Highlands Association

    Capitation Fees 2018

    Golf Queensland's capitation fees for 2018 have been set at $32.80 (inc GST) per player. The fees are due to be passed on to Golf Queensland by 31 May 2018. Golf Australia and the Golf Central Highlands have not yet set their capitation fees as yet.  Golf Central Highlands will set their district portion at the November 2017 Annual General Meeting.

    Capitation Fees 2017

    As approved by the Golf Queensland Council Meeting held in December 2015, the 2017 Capitation Fee for Golf Queensland will be $31.25 (incl. GST) each. The marked increase in this fee was in support of the Golf Qld Club Support and Development Team.  Golf Qld introduced the team to assist clubs in recruitment, membership retention, marketing, funding and grants, financial management and effective club governance.  Therefore this year's fees for any member with a playing right are as follows:

    • Golf Australia: $18.00
    • Golf Queensland: $31.25
    • Golf Central Highlands District: $11.50

    Please note that all juniors without a handicap (ie 3, 6 & 9 holers) will be required to pay a fee per player of $23.00 ($18.00 Golf Australia fee and $5 district fee).  This fee covers liability and insurance for these juniors and at a district level provides trophies, coaching and development of players.