• District Champion Club

    • District Champion Club Rules

      Format – Team Pennants

      1. The Golf Central Highlands Men’s & Ladies Champion Club will be decided over the nine Club Open Events in the district.
      2. Team points will be allocated at each Open Event to the clubs who meet the eligibility criteria.
      3. Each club may nominate up to five different players to represent their club at any particular Open.
      4. The Host Open Club is to collect each team’s five nominated players prior to tee off and write them on the “Champion Club Nomination Sheet”.
      5. The best three nett results from the nominated five players will be taken into consideration and tallied.
      6. Should a club fail to provide their team to the host club prior to tee off they will receive no points for that Open.
      7. If clubs score the same nett after the best three are added together the fourth then fifth (if required) nett will decide who finishes higher. If scores are still tied the team’s best player nett will decide the tie.
      8. The Club with the most points will be named the Champion Club at the Central Highlands District Open.  Any club/s sharing total points at the end of the season will share the honour.
      9. The points table is shown in the table shown right.
      10. The winning Club of the ladies competition will be invited to attend a Pennant Final held within Central Queensland District.
      11. Points will be allocated as follows: 1st 5 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd 3 points, 4th 2 points, 5th-9th 1 point, Ineligibility 0 points.