• Golf

    • All our golf clubs have a main weekend competition day.  During the week some of the clubs have ladies and men's nine hole competition where existing members get together for a round of golf.   Much of this is done in competition format however if you are new to your area and club, contact your local club for more information via the Member Club Page. Staff will be more than happy to help you become involved with regular golf.  We would encourage local clubs to list their events on our Calendar. Please use the contact form to request your event for inclusion on the calendar.

      District Event Opens

      Any player with a handicap is eligible to enter these events (refer to each event's Conditions of Play). Participating in district events are a great way to be involved in competition events other that at the local level.  It is also a great way to meet members from other clubs who regularly attend these events. Our major district events and any special events coming up are listed on our Calendar. You will also find the major events for Central Queensland and Golf Qld.

    • Juniors

      Have a look at the Junior Golf Section in this website for ways your children get into the sport of golf.  Each year we hold a My Golf Camp at the Emerald Golf Club to introduce school aged children into the game of golf.  Each of our clubs also have junior programs for teaching children the sport.  For more information please contact our Golf Central Highlands Junior Coordinator, Tim Mullins, via email tim.mullins@dnrm.qld.gov.au. He will point you in the right direction or provide advice on any queries you may have.