• That’s a wrap.. CH Open Results

  • Well the golfing year is coming to a close.

    A huge thank you must go to the Clermont Golf Club for holding an excellent tournament last Saturday.  The morale and sportsmanship was flowing for our last event on the Golf Central Highlands calendar and the course was in pristine condition thanks to their valuable team of workers and a little help from the rain gods.

    Also thanks to our CH players who have travelled this year to make all our Open’s a success. Without your support our Open’s would cease to exist.  I hope you will all be back next year with a friend in tow.  Next year’s calendar is coming soon.

    Congratulations to all the winners at this year’s 2017 Golf Central Highlands Open.. here are all the results.


    Open Winner: Grant Morgan (74)

    A Grade Winner: Josh Edmonds (78)

    A Grade Runner-up: Jamie Beale (79)

    A Grade Nett Winner: Warren Harrison (71)

    A Grade Nett Runner-up: Peter Messer (72)

    B Grade Winner: Matt Lyons (81)

    B Grade Runner-up: Ross Faint (85)

    B Grade Nett Winner: Gary Mannion (70)

    B Grade Nett Runner-up: Dave Patrick (72)

    C Grade Winner: Josh Pokarier (84)

    C Grade Runner-up: Ned McFarlane (96)

    C Grade Nett Winner: Blaine Robertson (73)

    C Grade Nett Runner-up: Greg Austen (78)


    Open Winner: Brooke O’Keeffe (76)

    Division One Winner: Charlotte Briese (77)

    Division One Runner-Up: Trudy Morgan (84)

    Division One Nett Winner: Sophie Pokarier (71)

    Division One Nett Runner-up: Sharyn Latchford (74)

    Division Two Winner: Rhonda Bleakley (102)

    Division Two Runner-Up: Shirley Harvey (105)

    Division Two Nett Winner: Lee Gordon (72)

    Division Two Nett Runner-up: Essie Wood (74)


    Pin Shots: Jamie Beale, Matt Lyons, Josh Pokarier, Charlotte Briese, Rhonda Bleakley

    Pro Pins: Warren Marr, Jamie Beale, Trudy Morgan

    Long Drives: Warren Marr, Dave Patrick, Peter Bleakley, Brooke O’Keeffe, Kathy McGuiness