• Getting To Know: Emerald’s PGA Professional Matt Victorsen

  • Matt Victorsen and wife Lauren took over the Emerald On-Course Pro Shop in December 2016. Matt has a wealth of golfing knowledge to share with our Central Highlands golfers, as you will read in this article. Make sure you stop in and see what he can do for your game!

    Who is Matt Victorsen?

    My wife, two children and I are excited that we have moved to Emerald to take on the role as the Emerald On-Course Professional. I have grown up with golf my whole life. There are five PGA Golf Professionals in my family; my grandad, dad, uncle and brother are all members of the PGA. Lauren and I have a five year contract with the Emerald Golf Club and look forward to becoming a part of the Central Highlands golfing community.

    What is a normal week like for you?

    A normal week in my work life includes junior and ladies clinics, private tuition, custom club fitting lessons, repair services along with the sales and services we provide in the golf shop. The golf shop is open from 6.00am- 6.00pm each day with an average of 23 hours per week of coaching. With the weather becoming more “golf friendly” we anticipate the golf lessons and custom club fitting lessons to rise to in excess of 36 hours each week. I most enjoy assisting our members, guests and visitors from the region improving each part of their golf game with the old saying “the less times you hit it, the more we enjoy it”.

    Why did you become a golf professional?

    My idol has always been my dad, John. My whole life I have wanted to become part of the PGA organisation alongside my dad and whilst I have been a PGA member for 11 years, taking on the Head Professionals role in Emerald is something we are both very proud of. Dad is tough but fair and has always been a great communicator with what his expectations and standards are on and off the course. My grandad, Arnold, was inducted as a Life Member of the Australian PGA a few years back, and whilst he is no longer with us, he was a major reason why I wanted to be a golf professional. If I can have a successful career similar to the two greatest influences in my golfing life, I will be very blessed.

    Where else have you work (golfing or non-golfing)?

    Straight out of school I worked as a labourer for a solid plasterer who is a great family friend and it was such a great experience. It taught me so much about life and work ethic outside of the golf industry. I did my traineeship with my dad, upon completion I remained as Head Teaching Professional. I have been a part of Golf Queensland’s team as a “MyGolf Contractor” conducting clinics and Regional Camps throughout Queensland. Through Golf Queensland I presented and accredited hundreds of “Community Coaches” through the “Community Coaching Course” which I have always believed is a fantastic program for clubs who do not have a PGA Professional or one that visits regularly. Last year I was contracted by the P.N.G.G.A to run a series of “Train the Trainers Course” for professionals and club representatives from all over the country to assist with their personal development and Coaching Programs, along with assisting with the National Squad as a coaching consultant. I have enjoyed all of these roles and has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people who are passionate about the game of golf.

    What is your previous golfing history?

    After representing Queensland as a schoolboy, I started and completed my PGA Traineeship from 2005-2008. Upon completing from the PGA Academy with “Honours” I played the Sunshine Tour for a short time before concentrating full time on Coaching and Custom Club Fitting. During this time one of my students won the “Veritas World Junior” in America, I was nominated as Queensland “Teaching Professional of the Year”, I won Golf Australia’s “MyGolf Centre Award” and was Mizuno Corporations #1 “Custom Club Fitter” in Australia for the On Course Group.

    What made you decide to move to Emerald?

    Our decision was based on my family. Previously I travelled a lot domestically and overseas and whilst I still have those commitments they have been reduced to ensure I can attend more of my kids sports and school events whilst conducting our business at the highest level. My wife and I have been together since we were 18 years-old and we always wanted to work together. When the On-Course Emerald position became available we both saw this as a wonderful opportunity to be able to fulfil that goal together.

    What initiatives are you putting in place at Emerald Pro Shop?

    We now have weekly Squad Training for Juniors with 36 enrolments for Term 1. Classes will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes available. We have also implemented the “Ladies Lets Golf Program” on Wednesday for our Ladies Clinics, we have had 19 ladies engage with the program and we look forward to growing both programs over our tenure.

    How much are golf lessons and what can I expect from a lesson with you?

    Golf lessons are $55.00 (30 minutes) and $90.00 (60 minutes) with long term performance packages and on course playing lessons also available. I have always been aware that golfers always seem to know what they do “wrong” when they hit a bad shot, although I have never had a person tell me what they did “right” when they hit a great shot. I teach people what they do “right” in their golf swing to achieve the desired result. If the player understands that concept, that concept can then become repeatable through a better understanding. Each player has their own unique “swing DNA” and it’s my job to make that swing as efficient and repetitive as it can be.

    If you could suggest one thing for a 18 handicap golfer to work on in order to improve his/her game to lower their handicap and enjoy the game more what would it be?

    Impact position- when the golf ball is on the ground the club must be making contact with the ground (grazing the grass) allowing the loft (angle) of the club to get the ball up in the air. It is simple, yet extremely effective. Next time you’re watching golf on the TV take particular notice of what happens at impact, I can safely bet the club in making contact with the ground on ALL shots (excluding the driver of course). I hope this helps.

    What is the biggest mistake you see from amateurs make on the golf course and how should they rectify this?

    The most common mistake I see is golfers not using enough club with the approach shots, they are constantly “maxing out” by swing at 100%, this invariably causes poor rhythm and timing resulting in poor contact with the golf ball. The best tip I can offer is to take one more club (6 iron instead of 7 iron) and swing at 75% (as we all see with the players on TV), this should see a more consistent strike resulting in more consistent distance control on those shots into the green.